Best Books For Children


+-*Welcome to where we list some of what we think are the best books for children and babies. We and our children are avid book readers and over the years have built up a lot of opinions and ideas … Continue reading

Best Christmas Books For Children

+-*Christmas books come in lots of different formats for all ages. You can choose from classic christmas stories for children who can read, christmas sticker books and even christmas themed books for very young children. We have chosen our favourite … Continue reading

Best Activity Books For Children

+-*This review of the best activity books for children will focus on our favourite activity books for children which are Klutz Books. What are Klutz Books? Klutz was founded in California but was bought by Scholastic in 2002. As Klutz themselves … Continue reading

Best Lego Books For Children

+-*BEST LEGO IDEAS BOOKS THE LEGO IDEAS BOOK – The Lego Ideas Book is divided into six chapters each with a different themes. The themes included are transport, buildings, space, kingdoms, adventure and useful makes. This lego ideas book has over 500 models … Continue reading

Best Pirate Books For Children


+-*BEST PIRATE BOOKS FOR CHILDREN Here we have selected what we think are the best pirate books for children. To help you in your search, we have divided up our selection into easy to view groups. These include the best … Continue reading