Best Books For Children


Welcome to where we list some of what we think are the best books for children and babies. We and our children are avid book readers and over the years have built up a lot of opinions and ideas on what books we like and what books would make our list of favourites. This site draws on that experience and is aimed at helping you find new ideas on the best books to buy for children of all ages. This guide is useful whether you are searching for the best books for your children or as a gift for someone else. The age groups are intended as a guide only. Not all children develop their reading skills at the same rate, some will be ahead of the average and some slightly behind the average. When you are looking for ideas, look at the books in the age groups just above and below your childs age for further ideas. We hope that by reading our posts you will find the best books for the children you know.

Best Bath Books For Babies And Children

Bath books are waterproof books designed for babies and very young children. The best bath books have bright colourful pictures to catch the attention of little kids. All bath books are wipe clean and are usually made of lightweight materials. They can of course be read anywhere and not just in the bath.

Below you will find a selection of our favourite bath books which are being sold by leading retailers including Waterstones and Amazon.

Best Christmas Books For Children

Christmas books come in lots of different formats for all ages. You can choose from classic christmas stories for children who can read, christmas sticker books and even christmas themed books for very young children. We have chosen our favourite christmas books for children and separated them into different themes and age groups. Hopefully this will make it easier for you to find the perfect childrens christmas book for presents and stocking fillers.

Books aren’t just for Christmas but a Christmas themed book is a great way of getting children interested in reading and encouraging them to look at books. Books also last long after the christmas season is over and can of course be read over and over again.

Best Activity Books For Children

This review of the best activity books for children will focus on our favourite activity books for children which are Klutz Books.

What are Klutz Books? Klutz was founded in California but was bought by Scholastic in 2002. As Klutz themselves say, their books are made for doing and not just for reading. Klutz specialise in activity books which are sold with all the pieces needed for that activity. The majority of the books are spiral bound.

Best Activity Books For Older Children

There are a huge range of Klutz activity books out there as diverse as Nail Art, Paper Aeroplanes and Pom Pom Kits. Below are our top 10 favourites. We have picked some activity books that will appeal to girls and some that will appeal to boys. If you would like to see the complete range of what we believe are the best activity books for children, click here. Don’t forget that these activity books also make the perfect gift or birthday present for children.

Best Activity Books For Younger Children

Klutz also do a range of activity books aimed at 4-6 year olds. These are called Klutz Chicken Socks books. Included in this set of books are things such as Hand Art, Foam Gliders and Pom Pom Animals. The activity books once again come with everything the child needs to get started. They also have easy to follow instructions which are suitable for children not yet able to read. For the complete range of Klutz chicken Socks Books click here. See below for our favourite Klutz activity books for younger children.

We hope you like our review on the best activity books for children. Feel free to let us know what your opinion of Klutz activity books for children is……

Best Lego Books For Children


Lego Ideas BookTHE LEGO IDEAS BOOK - The Lego Ideas Book is divided into six chapters each with a different themes. The themes included are transport, buildings, space, kingdoms, adventure and useful makes. This lego ideas book has over 500 models and ideas and is perfect for lego fans of all ages.


Lego Technic Ideas BookTHE LEGO TECHNIC IDEAS BOOK - The Best Lego Ideas Book for fans of technical lego. No step by step instructions but lots of colour coded photos and pictures showing you ideas from different angles. Easy to follow and great for fans of technic lego.



The Lego Brickmaster books are a series of books which are published by Dorling Kindersley. Each Lego Brickmaster book contains a selection of lego pieces along with two minifigures. Included in the book part of the set are building instructions for several models which can be made with the provided lego. Each lego thing you can make has a small story or interesting fact to go with it. There are several lego brickmaster books available with different themes such as Star Wars or Lego City among others. They are very good value for money and provide lots of entertainment for lego fans. Below are some of our favourite Lego Brickmaster Books.
Star Wars Lego Brickmaster Book Ninjago Lego Brickmaster Book Lego City Lego Brickmaster Book Atlantis Lego Brickmaster Book Lego Pirates Lego Brickmaster Book Castle Lego Brickmaster Book Friends Lego Brickmaster Book Lego Brickmaster Book



There are loads of lego sticker books available featuring favourite themes and characters such as Star Wars or Harry Potter. Here are some the most popular lego sticker books.

Star Wars Lego Sticker Books
Star Wars Lego sticker book  Star Wars Lego sticker book  Star Wars Lego sticker book  Star Wars Lego sticker book  Star Wars Lego sticker book  Star Wars Lego sticker book  Star Wars Lego sticker book

Harry Potter Lego Sticker Books
Harry Potter Lego Sticker Book Harry Potter Lego Sticker Book Harry Potter Lego Sticker Book Harry Potter Lego Sticker Book

Other Lego Sticker Books
Lego Sticker Book Lego Sticker Book Lego Sticker Book Lego Sticker Book Lego Sticker Book


Lego Star Wars The Visual DictionaryLego Star Wars The Visual Dictionary – This hugely popular Lego book tells you absolutely everything you could possibly want to know about star wars lego. The book is aimed at fans of lego as well as fans of star wars and is packed with pictures and information about star wars lego. It also comes with a Star Wars lego mini figure. This lego book contains loads of facts about star wars characters, weapons, battle stations and lots more. The book contains information on each set of lego released and is ordered in chronological and film order.

Other Lego Visual Dictionary Books


Lego Reader Books

Dorling Kindersley and Scholastic have both published a range of books aimed at young readers which have a lego theme. The books are for children who are just learning to read and come in level 1, 2, 3 and 4. The books are great for fans of lego and have a story along with lego themed pictures with well know lego characters. Great for encouraging young children to read by themselves or with a little help.

Best Level 1 Lego Reader Books
Level 1 lego reader book Level 1 lego reader book
Best Level 2 Lego Reader Books
Level 2 lego reader book Level 2 lego reader book
Best Level 3 Lego Reader Books
Level 3 lego reader book Level 3 lego reader book



Best Pirate Books For Children


Here we have selected what we think are the best pirate books for children. To help you in your search, we have divided up our selection into easy to view groups. These include the best pirate picture books for children, the best pirate story books for young children who are just learning to read, the best pirate story books for older children and fluent readers, the best pirate sticker books and the best factual books about pirates.


These picture books are mostly suitable for pre-school children. We have selected our 10 favourite picture books which have a pirate theme. Our selection of pirate themed picture books includes books by well known authors such as Nick Sharratt and Giles Andreae among others.


Here we have listed our favourite pirate themed books for early readers. These books are aimed at children who are just learning to read in the 5-6 year old age group. For more information on the reading level of individual books, please click on the pirate story you are interested in.


If your child loves stories about pirates then they will probably enjoy a sticker book with a pirate theme. Here we have chosen our favourite pirate sticker books and have even included film based sticker books such as Pirates and Pirates of the Caribbean.


Here we have a small selection of pirate books for children aged around 8 and older. We have included classic pirate stories such as Treasure Island as well as more modern stories such as Vampirates.

We hope you have enjoyed looking at our Best Pirate Books For Children and that you have found a pirate book you like !