Best Activity Books For Children

This review of the best activity books for children will focus on our personal favourite activity books for children which are Klutz Books.

What are Klutz Books? Klutz was founded in California but was bought by Scholastic in 2002. As Klutz themselves say, their books are made for doing and not just for reading. Klutz specialise in activity books which are sold with all the pieces needed for that activity. The majority of the books are spiral bound.

Best Activity Books For Older Children

There are a huge range of Klutz activity books out there as diverse as Nail Art, Paper Aeroplanes and Pom Pom Kits. Below are our top 10 favourites. We have picked some activity books that will appeal to girls and some that will appeal to boys. If you would like to see the complete range of what we believe are the best activity books for children, click here. Don’t forget that these activity books also make the perfect gift, Christmas present or birthday present for children. They are not too expensive and there are not many books that can compete with them as far as we are concerned.

Best Activity Books For Younger Children

Klutz also do a range of activity books aimed at 4-6 year olds. These are called Klutz Chicken Socks books. Included in this set of books are things such as Hand Art, Foam Gliders and Pom Pom Animals. The activity books once again come with everything the child needs to get started. They also have easy to follow instructions which are suitable for children not yet able to read. For the complete range of Klutz chicken Socks Books click here. See below for our favourite Klutz activity books for younger children.

We hope you like our review on the best activity books for children. Feel free to let us know what your opinion of Klutz activity books for children is……

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