Best Bible For Boys


There are many bibles available which are aimed at children. However, if you are trying to grab the attention of a boy (or a girl), a child who likes graphic novels, a reluctant reader or a boy who isn’t a very confident reader, then we think ‘The Action Bible’ is worth looking at. As far a we are concerned, The Action Bible is The Best Bible For Boys.

Best Bible For Boys


THE ACTION BIBLE – This Action Bible presents the stories of the bible in a clear and contemporary manner. The entire bible is presented in the style of a comic strip. It is illustrated by Sergio Cariello who is well known for his cartoons and comic strips and has worked for Marvel and DC comics. Each story from the bible is presented in a graphic manner with bold and colourful illustrations which grab your attention. This bible will appeal to children who like graphic novels and will grip their attention and make reading the bible a fun activity. It is also good for children who are reluctant readers or who are less confident readers since the text is supplemented by the amazing illustrations. Although we are highlighting it as the best bible for boys, it is not exclusively for boys and would obviously appeal to a lot of girls as well.

Action bible New Testament


THE ACTION BIBLE NEW TESTAMENT – The version of the Action Bible reviewed above covers both the Old and the New Testament. You can also buy the New Testament as a stand alone book. This book contains 67 illustrated stories from the New Testament.


If the Action Bible doesn’t appeal to you, there are other options which you can look at. We have chosen graphic bibles which we think will appeal to boys and which are more likely to grap their attention and make reading the bible an enjoyable experience.

Manga Messiah bible for boys


Manga Messiah – This Book is easy to read but still includes the main messages of the gospel. At the bottom of each page is a reference to the correct part of the bible so that you can check the stories if you so wish. This bible is illustrated like a comic but with a slightly cinematic feel. It is good for young boys because it presents the sometimes complicated text of the bible in a fun and easy to follow format.

The Graphic Bible - bibles for boys


The Lion Graphic Bible – This is another great graphic bible which should appeal to boys. Again it is in a comic strip format with bold illustrations. This graphic bible covers the whole bible from Genesis to Revelations. The drawings are very realistic and may not be suitable for very young children.

We hope this review on the best bible for boys is helpful. Don’t forget that graphic bibles such as the ones reviewed above make great presents for boys who are doing their birst communion or their confirmation. They also make great Christmas presents.


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