Best Books About Stock Photography

If you are new to the world of stock photography it is definitely worth your time to read a couple of books on the subject. That way you should be able to pick up a few tip and tricks from the experts. Be careful though because there seem to be a lot of below average books on the subject of stock photography which won’t teach you much. We have read a few books about selling your photos online and the world of stock photography. Our conclusion is that at the time of writing there are only two books available which we personally think are worth reading. Here are those two books !

1. Taking Stock by Rob Sylvan

Rob Sylvan has spent years as an inspector of stock photos for one of the biggest stock photography sites. Obviously this means he should know what sells and what doesn’t. Not just that but also which photos are likely to make the cut and which aren’t. He also sells his own photos and has been very succesful at it.
His book his full of useful tips and examples of winning photos that have made multiple sales. Even if you are already selling stock photos we think this book is worth reading and you will still learn something new. Definitely our favourite book on the subject of stock photography and selling photos online.


2. Microstock Money Shots by Ellen Boughn

This is another good stock photography book written by someone who has worked in the business. Ellen Boughn founded her own agency which is now part of Getty Images. This book has some good examples showing which images sell best but also explains why they sell. This is a good book for people just starting out in the business of selling stock photography. If you are already selling photos you should be able to pick up some good tips to help improve your work and increase photo sales. Its the sort of book you can pick out the bits that are useful to you and then go back and read them again later !


You can buy both of the above books on Amazon !

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