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These are our favourite books for babies available now. We would recommend all these books for babies under the age of 1 year old. These books are all bright, durable and will help entertain and stimulate your baby. Most of the books are board books although we have also included some cloth books. Under our general top 10 books for babies we have our top recommendations for black and white babies books and our top 5 buggy books for babies.

Baby’s Very First Book, Faces is a cloth book by John Fordham. This book has been developed with the specific aim of appealing to babies. The pictures are all high contrast to catch the babies attention, the pages make a crinkly sound when you move them and there is a mirror for babies to see themselves in. This makes a great book for babies to start with. More Info and Price

That’s not my………. A series of board books for babies by Fiona Watt. These books have simple text that repeats itself and every page has a textured section for the baby to feel and touch. There is also a little white mouse which appears on every page. This series of books has been hugely successful and is very popular with babies. There are titles to appeal to all children such as ‘That’s not my tractor’, ‘That’s not my doll’ etc.  Complete Series and Prices

Peekabook Baby Books – From DK publishing. There are several of these Peekaboo books to choose from. Babies like them because of the bright colourful pictures and the surprises behind each of the flaps. These books are specially designed to get babies interested in books and to make story time fun. More Peekaboo Books.

Babies Very First Touchy Feely – A series of books for babies published by Usborne books. The pictures are bright and high contrast to appeal to babies. Every picture has a section to touch and feel with different textures. These books are durable and well made. There are not many words but the images will be enough for young babies. Complete Range of Babies Very First Touchy Feely Books

The Amazing Baby Books by Emma Dodd. These have been modernised recently with the latest versions published in 2015. These books are popular because of their clear pictures in black and white which are stimulating to the youngest babies. The books are sturdy board and contain lots of novelties to add extra interest for babies. More Amazing Baby Books

 Usborne Look and Say Books are aimed at slightly older babies. There are several books in the series. In this book, babies are introduced to the names of objects found in different rooms of the house. The books help babies with their recognition of words even before they are ready to learn to say them. The pictures are bright, colourful and simple.  More Look and Say Books.

By the same author as Dear Zoo (see best books for 1 year olds) Buster Books By Rod Campbell. These are lift the flap board books featuring Buster. In this particular book babies can follow buster throughout his day. More Buster Books

Noisy Peekaboo Books by DK publishing. Play peekaboo with your baby. Lift the flaps so see what is underneath. When you lift the flap the animals make a sound. Lots of fun for babies with bright simple pictures. More Noisy Peekaboo Books

Baby Touch and Feel Books by DK publishing. There are lots of different textures to touch in these board books. Perfect for babies they make excellent first books. No stories as such but lots of bright pictures with things to point at and talk about with your baby. More Baby Touch and Feel Books

Big Books Of Beautiful Babies David Ellwand. This book has lots of pictures of babies all of which are black and white photographs. Very little text but it rhymes every four pages eg. baby messy, baby neat, baby hands, baby feet. Each phrase is accompanied by a relevant photograph. Babies love looking at other babies which makes this an excellent book for all babies. Buy Big Book of Beautiful Babies Board Book

Our Top 5 Black and White books for Babies:

Newborn babies love black and white and a back and white book will help stimulate your baby’s developing sense of sight. At birth a babies sight has a visual limit of about 22cm. It isn’t certain if they can distinguish colour but it is known that they are drawn to high contrast images. The images in the following baby books are simple and striking so that they catch the babies attention.

Amazing Baby Black and White Amazing Baby Black and White

Baby Shapes Baby Shapes Books 1-4

Baby Sees, Hearts and Stars Baby Sees, Hearts and Stars

Hello Bugs Hello Bugs Board Book

Big Book Of Beautiful Babies Big Book Of Beautiful Babies

The baby shapes books were a favourite with our children from birth. As stated by the publisher, ‘Baby Shapes one and two, use very simple (through to more complex) bold graphic shapes. Baby Shapes three consists of a range of faces and facial expressions. New babies may copy some of the expressions. Baby Shapes four develops the graphics theme, introducing simple everyday objects such as a cat and a dog. The books bring the parents and their new baby together in a shared visual experience, nurturing the important beginnings of reading and turning the pages of a book’.

Top 5 buggy books for babies

The best buggy books come with sturdy clips so that you can attach them to the buggy or pushchair. They can also be used by attaching them to car seats, highchairs and even the supermarket trolley. A great way of providing entertainment for you baby while you are on the move and unable to sit down and read a book to them. One of the biggest ranges of books in this category is the buggy buddies collection.
Touch and Feel Buggy Buddies Touch And Feel Buggy Buddies

Hello Spot Buggy Book Hello Spot Buggy Book

Baby Touch Smile Buggy Book Baby Touch Smile Buggy Book

Usborne Buggy Books Usborne Buggy Books
Babies First Buggy Book Babies First Buggy Book

If you want to encourage a love of reading in your children, you really can’t start too early. It helps if you choose books that stimulate your baby and books that are age appropriate for your baby. The best books for newborn babies are hardboard or cloth books with simple bright pictures. Babies seem to be attracted to high contrast pictures which is one of the reasons that black and white baby books are such a good idea.
It is not just the pictures that are important to babies. When you read a book to your baby or talk to them about the pictures, they are listening to the sound of your voice which will have a soothing effect. This is also a good way of bonding with your baby.

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