Best Cookery Books For Children

What should the best cookery books for children do? Well they should make cooking and easy and fun experience. Recipes should be easy to follow with a good variety of things to make. Below are our favourite cookery books for children available to buy online.

1. The Kids Only Cookbook
The Kids Only Cookbook by Sue Quinn is excellent. We would like to give it a 5 star rating since as far as we are concerned it is the best cookery book for children. All recipes are easy to follow and use a simple cartoon style with photos and simple step by step instructions for children to follow. There are 50 recipes in this book including breakfast, main meals, cakes and more. The book is aimed at children aged 8-12 and tells them when a recipe step will require help from an adult. The resulting meals when cooked are delicious and really encourage children to cook more. This cookery book for children is definitely our number one choice. More Info and Price.

2. Children’s Cookbook

As you would expect from a publisher such as DK this is a good quality colourful book. It contains 50 recipes with lots of pictures and simple instructions. There are even pictures of all the ingredients you will need. The results of the recipes are tasty and there is a good range of recipes to choose from. Breakfast, lunch, main meals and deserts are all included. Very easy for children to use with minimal adult involvement depending on age. More Info and Price.

3. Beginners Cookbook (Usborne Cookbooks)
Another well know childrens book publisher and another excellent cookery book for children. Lots of easy to follow, simple instructions with lots of clear illustrations. A range of recipes including pizzas, pasta dishes, cakes and a lot more. Aimed at younger children but suitable for any age. Especially good for children with no cooking experience. More Info and Price.

4. Children’s First Cookbook: Have Fun in the Kitchen!
Annabel Karmel is famous for her baby and children recipes books. This cookery book for children is currently the best selling children cooking book on Amazon. The recipes are tasty as you would expect from this author. The instructions are clear and are complimented by lots of tantalising pictures. There are not much more than 20 recipes in the book so less than our first three choices. They include healthy meals such as pancakes, spaghetti and sweet and sour chicken as well as cakes, cookies or treats such as smoothies or lollies. More Info and Price.

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