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What Is Beast Quest

Beast Quest is a series of books aimed at children around the ages of 6-9 years old. There are currently 60 books published over 10 series. There are also spin off products available such as beast quest annuals and the book of beasts. The main character in the Beast Quest Books is Tom who along with his friend Elenna goes on a series of quests to defeat different beasts threatening his home kingdom of Avantia and the surrounding kingdoms.

Where To Buy Beast Quest

You can buy Beast Quest books in just about any decent bookshop and of course online. Having done a little research, we believe that the cheapest prices for a complete Beast Quest series (6 books) can be found on The Book People website. You can buy each Beast Quest series on this website for only £6.99 (this includes a series of 6 books). Beware that they often don’t have all the series is stock at one time but it is worth checking them out. For individual Beast Quest books the cheapest place has got to be Amazon. Here you will find individual books from as little as £1.40 and usually less than £3.00 per book. Please note that the RRP is £4.99 per book.

Who Reads Beast Quest

Beast Quest books are particularly popular with 6,7 and 8 year old boys. The writing is perfect for younger readers and is suitable for most children to be able to read the books themselves. The stories grip the imagination are a great way of encouraging children to read more. The stories aren’t too long which means that children won’t lose interest before they finish the book.

Beast Quest Website

There is a beast quest website at www.beastquest.co.uk where you will find information on all the available books. There are also games for children to play and facts about the stories and each of the beasts that Tom has to battle.

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